Does My Dog Need A Sweater in the Winter?

Taking Your Pet's Temperature

During the worst of the winter months, you’ll find the majority of people bundled up. People don’t hesitate to wear insulated gloves, thermal hats, heavy winter coats, and durable boots when it’s freezing and snowing outside. What about dogs? Do you need to invest in buying your dog a sweater? If you’re unsure whether your dog should be wearing a sweater while he or she is outside, you aren’t alone.

Dressing Your Dog for the Winter

There is no harm in dressing your dog in a sweater or coat during the chillier months of the year. If your dog has thin fur or has patches of missing fur, it’s a great idea to try putting your dog in some sort of sweater or coat. Both your local Target and pet store should have a variety of different sizes, styles, and colors of doggie coats and sweaters.

Make sure your dog is comfortable in the sweater or coat you put on him or her before sending your dog out into theSweater in the Winter cold weather. While picking out a sweater or coat for your dog, the color and design should be the least important factor. It should fit your dog well and allow for using the restroom. It should also be high quality and durable.

If your dog clearly doesn’t enjoy wearing clothing in the winter, it may just be best to let it go. As long as your dog isn’t outside in extremely freezing temperatures and brutal conditions for days at a time, there is no real need for your dog to be dressed in any clothing. To be blunt, your dog does not absolutely need a winter coat or sweater, but they aren’t a bad idea either. Your dog should always be comfortable, and some dogs are simply more comfortable without any fabrics touching their fur.