Fibrosis of the liver

Cirrhosis and Fibrosis of the Liver in Pets

Fibrosis of the liver refers to scar tissue forming and replacing normal liver tissues. Cirrhosis, also referred as primary hepatitis, is a diffuse fibrosis that results in irreversible changes in the liver structure. Affected Breeds The incidence is highest in dogs over 7 years old with ...



  Composed of various structures, the eye is a complex organ. When light enters the eye, it passes through the cornea, a thin membrane covering the eye, into the pupil, the dark hole in the center of the eye, and gets refracted through the lens ...

breast cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer of the mammary glands. The average cat or dog has anywhere from eight to 10 mammary glands along the ventral portion of the abdomen. These paired mammary glands function to provide milk to pups and kittens. The basic anatomy ...

local vet search

What to Look For In Local Vet Clinics

When pet owners need to look for local vet clinics to take their pets to, they can follow some simple rules to make sure they choose the best local vet clinics to take their pet to. First, pet owners should check out the websites of ...

Taking Your Pet

Does My Dog Need A Sweater in the Winter?

During the worst of the winter months, you’ll find the majority of people bundled up. People don’t hesitate to wear insulated gloves, thermal hats, heavy winter coats, and durable boots when it’s freezing and snowing outside. What about dogs? Do you need to invest ...